Good Sources are Gold

Journalists need expert sources – but in today’s digital landscape, they are swamped with misdirected inbound pitches and tight deadlines.

PR pros have information and stories to share – but getting relevant sources in front of the right reporters when they’re needed is tough in a noisy environment.

The ScoopFindr app matches the right journalists with the sources they need quickly, with a minimum of back and forth, while rebuilding trust between journalists and PR pros.

No More Wading Through Emails

Journalists can stop waking up to inboxes filled with irrelevant and generic pitches. No more wading through emails to find that one useful source.

Journalists send unlimited sources requests, and quickly vet pitches that come back.

Connecting Writers & Sources

Journalists post requests – and then PR pros pitch relevant sources. Direct messaging back-and-forth is only triggered once both parties agree the match is right.

End the #PRfail Trend

We’ve seen the tweets – Journalists are done with misdirected pitches, bulk emails, broken embargoes, pitches addressed to someone else and so on. Sloppy PR makes everyone’s job tougher.

ScoopFindr acts as a marketplace to quickly and seamlessly connect journalists’ needs with relevant sources. And like all marketplaces, the better sources are, the more reporters rely on them. Good sources and good PR rises to the top, and everyone sees less of the #PRfail hashtag in their Twitter feed.

How it Works

Journalists and PR pros download the free app as part of our beta program, available now via the App Store for iOS only.

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Build Your Profile

In two minutes, create your ScoopFindr profile and highlight your information to share with your designated network.

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Create & Filter Requests

Journalists create and post unlimited requests, including those under general tags and a deadline for submissions (your feed will only show YOUR posts). PR pros customize feeds by selecting the tags that best serve your sources.

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Get in Touch

PR Pros are invited to submit their pitches in real-time to be reviewed and “accepted” by journalists who want to connect further. Only then will a connection open for a direct messaging exchange.

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Reward Good PR Behavior

While PR Pros follow journalists, they can only reach out with pitches for live requests. Journalists can also shortlist PR pros they’ve come to rely on when needed via direct messaging.